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Personal Injury Lawyer NYC

The Law offices of Mark E. Weinberger are a group of professional personal injury lawyers that defend those in and around the New York area. Our team of attorneys fights hard to win every personal injury case, whether it’s due to construction accidents, lead poisoning, inadequate security and many other instances where you may be a victim of injury. The law offices of Mark E. Weinberger understand that the injuries sustained in an accident can be life altering and possibly irreversible. Our personal injury lawyers understand how your physical, emotional and mental recovery is dependent on many factors. That’s why choosing the law offices of Mark E. Weinberger to defend your rights in any personal injury case will give you peace of mind through your recovery process.

Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to these 12 goals in personal injury cases:

  1. Help compensate you for the pain and suffering sustained through your injury.
  2. Help you get the proper medical treatment needed to recover, and your medical bills covered.
  3. Help you collect any lost income, and any future income that may be at stake.
  4. Protect you from powerful insurance companies.
  5. Provide you with personal attention for diligent, aggressive representation.
  6. To be there for you or your family, even when your case is settled.
  7. To ensure that you’re treated with dignity and respect through your recovery and legal process.
  8. To keep you informed and up to date about any and all progress of your case.
  9. To return your calls promptly, and be on call for you as needed.
  10. Let you make the final decision.
  11. To maximize the value of your case
  12. Not charge any legal fee unless we collect money for you.

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Winning your personal injury case is our focus, yours is to get better. Our professional legal experience allows us to give you as much personal attention as you need. If you are incapacitated we can visit your hospital or home or provide free transportation to our office.

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving The Greater New York City Area

The law offices of Mark E. Weinberger P.C. are located in Rockville Centre, NY. Our team of personal injury attorneys fights for personal injury settlements in NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and surrounding greater New York City areas.


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