Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning can have shattering consequences for young children and their families. In most instances, children are poisoned by ingesting chips or flakes of lead based paint or breathing air contaminated with lead paint dust. However, children can also be poisoned if they play with toys that are made of lead or lead based materials.
Even the slightest exposure can result in lead poisoning for the child. Lead poisoning lawyers investigate and review potential lawsuits for children nationwide. Like other personal injury attorneys, these lawyers work on a contingency basis. If they cannot obtain recovery for their clients, they do not charge for fees or expenses.

Lead Poisoning Injuries

Numerous negligently maintained rental properties throughout the U.S. have walls flaking with lead paint. If the lead is swallowed or breathed in it can be tremendously hazardous for children, whose developing brains are very vulnerable to injuries caused by chemical substances. Eating, sucking on or breathing in lead paint chips can cause:
•    nervous system injury
•    brain injuries
•    seizures or convulsions
•    physical or mental retardation
•    coma or death
Several cases of children who have been diagnosed with lead poisoning are caused by the lead based paint present in a current or former residence.
These children may be entitled to receive financial compensation for the lead poisoning injury they sustained through a lawsuit or personal injury claim.
If your son or daughter has been diagnosed with lead poisoning, there may be many lead poisoning lawyers practicing in your area who can provide you a free initial consultation and claim evaluation to determine what benefits your family may be entitled to.

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