New York Police Brutality and False Arrest Lawyers

There are many types of cases of police brutality and false arrests happening every day. Whatever your situation, The Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger P.C. are experienced New York police brutality and false arrest lawyers, and could help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Police Brutality

New York police brutality lawyer Mark Weinberger could help you if you were a possible victim of law enforcement officers. Some possible examples of police brutality involve:

  • Excessive Physical Force: there is a line to how much force an officer can use. There are situations that allow police to use force, but they need to know when and how much. There are many cases of men and women in blue crossing that line.
  • Implied Violence: an officer has no right to threaten you with violence. This is a case of mental brutality.
  • Sexual Assault: it happens in many circumstances and police officers are unfortunately not immune to committing this crime.
  • Taser Injuries
  • Wrongful Shootings
  • High speed police car chases where citizens are injured.

False arrest occurs when the wrong person is unjustly arrested, charged and imprisoned.Usually, this is by law enforcement officers who have insufficient evidence or no probable cause to have made the arrest.This can be the result of poor judgement on the police but can also be on purpose which is malicious prosecution.

Occasionally, private security firms can also be guilty of false arrest or imprisonment, for instance if they mistakenly detain someone for shoplifting.

Police are legally supposed to control a situation using the minimum amount of force possible, but instances of police brutality involving bodily injury to civilians or inmates are illegal and you should contact a New York police brutality lawyer as soon as possible. If a law officer denies you your constitutional rights or is physically aggressive with you, follow their directions as close as possible. To protect yourself, request courtesy and say nothing more. Do your best to remain calm , do not resist as it may be used against you should you file suit. If police officers violate a person’s civil rights, they are breaking the law.

If you or a loved one has been a police brutality victim, contact a police brutality and false arrest law firm in NY immediately. New York’s police brutality & false arrest lawyer Mark Weinberger has years of experience in obtaining justice for victims & winning such cases.

False Arrest Overview

Security guards and retail stores cannot arrest someone on suspicion, but only if the crime has actually been committed. Thus, a shopper could only be arrested by the security guard if he attempts to leave the store without paying for the merchandise.

Any person could arrest someone suspected of committing a felony, but only if the arresting person believes the other is attempting to flee the scene of crime. A person could not be arrested on suspicion of committing a felony after the fact, unless the arresting person has an arrest warrant.

How Mark E. Weinberger Could Help You

Have you possibly been the victim of one of these types of police misconduct? The experienced New York police brutality and false arrest lawyers at The Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger could answer that question for you. It never hurts to ask and see if your rights have been violated

You need an attorney that can show the truth and bring to light how you were victimized by the very people who were supposed to protect you.

Mark Weinberger is the New York police brutality and false arrest lawyer of choice to help you in such situations. He and his associates have years of experience and the expertise to fight for you and win.

If you believe you were the victim of police brutality or false arrest, contact Mark Weinberger today.