Scalding Water or Steam Injury Lawyers

A scalding water or steam injury can cause severe short term & long term injuries and can be life changing. The Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger P.C. is highly experienced in helping people with serious burn injuries. Besides having the essential legal expertise, our burn injury lawyers also have immediate access to medical information that is crucial in cases like these. Throughout our distinguished career, our combined legal and medical resources have helped our burn injury clients win favorable verdicts and settlements despite overwhelming odds.

Scalding Water Burns

A scald is a burn caused by contact with hot water, food, beverages or steam because of spills, immersion, splashes, explosions, burns or other types of accidental contact: Examples of accidents that cause scalding injuries include…

  • Steam Pipe Explosions
  • Defective hot and cold water faucets
  • Defective water heating/cooling devices
  • Spilling of hot beverages
  • A child tampering with appliances that generate heat

In all age groups, tap water scalding injuries have been cited as the second most common cause of serious burn injuries.

While curious toddlers may usually end up victims, the elderly are also particularly susceptible to scalding hot water burns because their skin tends to be less sensitive which consequently delays their reaction to high temperatures. Burns can affect seniors internal tissue (such as muscle and bone) more easily because seniors have thinner skin. A complicating risk is their decreased agility which may cause falls or other injuries as they try to save themselves from further scalding injuries.

Although state and federal regulations do not specify temperatures appropriate to the consumption of hot beverages, vendors and customers should be aware of the risk involved when handling and drinking hot beverages.

Scalding Water or Steam Injuries Caused By Negligence – Get Legal Help

We at The Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger believe that many accidental scalding water and steam injuries could have been prevented if certain negligent parties spent the time and effort to protect the victim’s safety. If you or a loved one has sustained a hot water, steam injury or any other type of scalding injury caused by someone else’s negligence, our skilled and experienced attorneys can help.

Scalding Injury Verdicts and Settlements

$1,570,000 – Scalding Hot Water in Bath burned 1 yr. old infant. Underwent reconstructive plastic surgery. Landlord, Building Management & Plumbing co. held responsible.

$960,000 – Landlord, Plumbing Company & Nursing Agency held responsible for 88 yr. old senior citizen suffering 2nd degree burns in scalding hot shower. For a free phone consultation and case review, call us at 800-924-075 | 516-858-3658 or send us an email.