Our Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

The Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger P.C. is a leading New York personal injury law firm and we have championed the cause of seriously injured New York accident victims for over 30 years. Since our founding, the Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger has helped numerous clients and recovered millions of dollars in personal injury verdicts and settlements.

The following summary of personal injury verdicts and settlements demonstrates our proven track record as a champion of our seriously injured New York clients.

$1,983,000 – For woman’s fatal infection caused by car crash.

$1,570,000 – Scalding Hot Water in Bath burned 1 yr. old infant.Underwent reconstructive plastic surgery. Landlord,Building Management & Plumbing co. held responsible.

$1.5 Million – For Tenant sexually assaulted in Apt. buildings incinerator room – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Inadequate Security in high crime area.

$1.5 Million – Wrongful death of motorcyclist hit by debris from passing truck.

$1.5 Million– Awarded to 7yr old child for lead paint poisoning. 2 yrs later family was awarded an additional $770,000 for a second incident, same child.

$1.3 Million– 57 year old part time Staten Island Laborer falls from ladder, suffering multiple fractures, including to left shoulder, left femur and nasal fracture. Settled for $1.3 Million prior to jury selection.  June 2015

$1.25 Million – Construction accident leaves a 35 year old laborer with pelvic damage.


$1,235,000 Million – Settlement for 18 year old passenger injured by 16 year old drunk driver who crashed his car into a tree after attending party at private home where alcohol was served to minors. Social Host Laws applied. Injuries included fractured femur which required multiple surgeries causing scarring & loss of full range of motion.

$1,040,000 – For broken foot and herniated disc injuries from slip and fall due to crack in commercial building stairway.

$1 Million– For Injuries caused by Auto Accident. Victim trapped in vehicle, extracted by the jaws-of-life. Fractured knee cap required multiple surgeries.

$960,000 – Landlord,Plumbing Company & Nursing Agency held responsible for 88 yr. old senior citizen suffering 2nd degree burns in scalding hot shower.

$920,000 – Settlement during re-trial for a woman who suffered second degree burns due to being accidentally pushed into a  stainless steel gas burning  corn roaster at a concert.

$900,000 – Child suffers brain damage from lead paint poisoning.

$900,000 – Immigrant Laborer wrongful death in Trench Collapse Construction Accident.

$820,000 – Teen passenger suffered 2 fractured legs when the car driven by intoxicated driver hit a wall.

$775,000 – For injured construction worker.

$750,000 – Car hit by Truck causing fractured shin bone of driver.

$700,000 – Trip & Fall caused by crack in Gas Station  driveway requiring multiple surgeries for woman’s ankle ligament repair.

$540,000 – For slip and fall injury on slippery floor in hospital.

$500,000 – For Inadequate Security – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by witnessing mother pistol whipped and robbed by intruder in Apt building lobby.

$110,000 – Young passenger injured in auto accident sustained 3 inch scar on side of head.

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