An experienced Long Island slip and fall attorney knows how to pursue compensation for an injury despite the challenges posed by a complicated legal system. The pursuit of just compensation starts with assigning responsibility for the injury and determining any negligence, recklessness or intent to harm on the part of any person or other legal entity.

An example would be holding an employer accountable for a serious injury to an employee when safety equipment or machinery being used by the employee was purposely removed by the employer to expedite production.


Victims of injurious negligence hire a Long Island slip and fall attorney in order to have an advocate. While knowledge, skill and experience are indubitably important, they mean nothing if your lawyer does not believe in your case. The practice of law is not a sterile and detached approach to addressing legal needs. In a lot of ways, a personal injury attorney becomes a friend who wants nothing but the most favorable disposition to the case.

Negotiation Skills

People need a good Long Island slip and fall attorney when they need a negotiator who can speak on their behalf. Legal representation in slip and fall injury cases may be as much about convincing creditors to hold off on their demand for payment as it is about getting compensation to pay them. Representation is also needed in dealing with payment demanded by hospitals and doctors. In some instances an attorney appears in court proceedings on behalf of the injured person, because the victim is not in good enough health to make an appearance.


Another reason to hire a Long Island slip and fall attorney is for the legal work that needs to be done. The filing of documents, calling of witnesses, admission of evidence and following proper procedures is all within the parameters of what the lawyer does.


Injured people should obtain the services of a Long Island slip and fall attorney to have an expert identify and understand the potential outcome of the case and its implications.