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Falling objects can lead to fatal accidents

Falls are one of the biggest hazards that construction workers face, but it isn't always the worker falling that it is the problem. Objects that workers use when they are at heights above ground level can easily cause a fatality if the object is heavy enough and is dropped from a considerable distance.

Don't ever do this when working with a scaffold

Construction workers in New York who regularly use a scaffold as a part of their jobs rarely consider how dangerous scaffolds are until after they suffer an injury. As such, it's vital to remind workers on a regular basis that these devices, although incredibly convenient and useful, require attention and care when using them if workers want to stay safe.

Contracting companies have not yet started to use safety tech

The dangers of being a construction worker are infinite, but every year new safety technologies are emerging to help contractors keep their employees safe at job sites. Some contractors have even started to use drones to improve worker safety. However, most of the latest safety tech like drones have yet to be adopted by construction firms.

What are construction's fatal 4? Know the risks.

You may have heard people talk about the construction industry and the infamous "fatal four." These are the four ways that workers are most often injured and killed on the job. They've earned their reputation over the years due to consistent involvement, despite changes to safety regulations and much more. They continue to be a problem year after year.

Construction Accident Scalding Injury and Recovery

Construction is dangerous work. There are many types of injuries that occur on construction sites, including scalding injury, which can occur from any number of things on a construction site. For example, a construction worker could receive first, second or third degree burns when hot liquid of some kind comes in contact with the skin. 

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