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Motorcycle Accidents Dependent on Driver Visibility

A recent article published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that driver conspicuity - or visibility - attributes to motorcycle accidents and personal injuries. The study investigated 463 cases relating to motorcycle drivers involved in crashes that led to hospitalization or death. Additionally, more than 1200 motorcycle drivers were randomly selected and surveyed. The study aimed to estimate the risk of motorcycle crash injuries or deaths as it relates to conspicuity measures such as reflective or fluorescent clothing, helmet color, and headlight operation, among other factors. Not surprisingly, results showed a direct correlation with the conspicuity of the motorcyclist and the risk of injury or death.

Motorcycle Accidents Are Often Contentious, even in Long Island

Even though motorcycles are generally more dangerous than cars, many of us get excited and become bolder when we see one roaring down the road. Unfortunately, many passenger car and truck drivers are inattentive, making the likelihood of a collision for a motorcyclist - and serious injuries - higher than normal. In a car or truck, a driver and his or her passengers are protected by the vehicle's frame, seat belt, and even airbags upon impact. On the contrary, a rider on a motorcycle can be ejected from the bike - resulting in serious injuries or even death. 

Pursuing Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

If you suffered personal injuries in a motorcycle accident, and did the very best you could do: took pictures of the accident scene, record names of witnesses, went to the hospital for a treatment, and reported the accident, now what? You make a claim against the negligent driver's insurance company. What happens next are two scenarios commonly faced by those who don't get represented by a New York motorcycle accident lawyer:

New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents happen no matter how safe people try to be. Statistics show that the number of motorcycle accidents increases yearly, while insurance companies often will use their own terms against the victim in settling their cases. This is why you need an experienced New York motorcycle accident lawyer such as Mark E. Weinberger, to help you protect your rights and receive the compensation you deserve. 

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