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2 health risks faced by office workers

New York office workers might think they have cushy jobs, but an inactive lifestyle sitting behind a desk and typing away at a computer for hours at a time can lead to serious health consequences. Let's take a look at two of the most common health problems faced by office workers:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The dangers of heat illness

Heat illness is a very real concern during the hot summer months in New York and -- for that matter -- anywhere else in the United States. Workers who need to perform their jobs outside in hot conditions for extended periods of time most at risk for contracting the most common forms of heat illness.

Here are different types of heat illness that employers and workers need to do everything they can to avoid:

New York police searching for hit-and-run driver who killed biker

New York State Police are conducting a manhunt for a suspected hit-and-run driver who they believe struck and killed a motorcyclist in Yonkers. According to police, the missing driver killed a 27-year-old barber.

One of the barber's regular customers said, "I was shocked, you know. It was heartbreaking to me." The barber's station at the Yonkers barbershop where he worked is currently empty, and police have yet to identify the person who killed him. For the owner of the shop, who hired the young man a decade ago, the reality of his loss has yet to set in.

Heavy machinery doesn't have to pose a danger for workers

One of the primary sources of injury on a construction site is heavy machinery. Further, over one-third of all work injuries and about 14 percent of fatalities are caused by these machines.

When safety is a priority for employers and their workers, heavy equipment can be used safely. That begins with proper training. Employers need to make sure that their employees thoroughly understand how equipment works before they touch it.

Ladder safety: A necessary precaution at construction sites

Using ladders safely must be a priority for anyone who is working with one. Without everyone following the proper safety procedures, there is a chance that a worker will suffer an injury that can't be easily overcome. In fact, falls are the top cause of construction worker deaths. You can see why this has to be on the top of the list of safety protocols and precautions.

While ladders are certainly one of the easiest tools for climbing on a job site, they aren't appropriate for all situations. For example, a ladder isn't appropriate if the person is going to have to ascend it with heavy items. Duties that require a person to reach sideways off the ladder aren't safe either. Only jobs that can be completed safely by the person on the ladder should be undertaken. Using lifts or scaffolds is ideal for many jobs that aren't suitable for ladders.

When do floors cause slip-and-fall accidents?

Many slip-and-fall accidents happen as a result of problems with flooring. If the floor is uneven, slippery, dirty or in a state of disorder, it can present a slipping or tripping hazard to property guests.

Here are a few of the most common floor-related hazards that property owners need to look out for and immediately resolve if they want to avoid becoming liable for a tragic accident:

  • When a danger is present -- like a wet floor -- but the property owner doesn't put out a warning or sign to notify property guests.
  • When a property owner leaves a known hazard unguarded, so that anyone could stumble upon it.
  • When there's too much polish or wax on the floor, when wax and polish are used unevenly or when the owner fails to use nonslip wax where it's needed.
  • Carpets with torn, broken, worn out or bulging areas.
  • Rugs that have curled edges, holes and parts that stick up from it.
  • Objects that are caught in carpet that can trip people.

Is your workplace safe?

You may have been working at your construction site for almost five years. You wear a hard hat every day, and make sure to take the necessary precautions. How do you know if that construction site is safe?

What exactly is a safe workplace?

The dangers of forklifts

Forklifts are one of the most commonly used types of vehicles across the country. These powered industrial vehicles are seen everywhere from construction sites to factory floors.

Unfortunately, the fact that they're so common may lure workers into a certain false sense of security around them. People are inclined to forget just how dangerous these machines can actually be.

Pedestrians injured, killed by vehicle leaving car wash

Pedestrians in cities know all too well that cars are a constant hazard and they know to be cautious around any moving vehicles.

Unfortunately, no one could have been prepared for the recent events at a car wash in Brooklyn.

Be wary of scaffolding on New York City streets

New York City streets are covered in miles of scaffolding, and a lot of it is dangerous to be near.

The stuff seems to be everywhere. Tall, precarious-looking structures of metal and wood are lined up all over the city's more than 7,000 buildings with decayed and broken facades. The construction is legally required for the public's safety -- but the demand for the work supposedly exceeds the limits of what contractors can do. As a result, scaffolds go up and then sit -- waiting until the contractor can get back to the job.

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