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Teen passenger killed in 2-car wreck

A teen girl was riding in the westbound lane of Bullis Road, in New York, when the car reportedly began to drift over the center line. It moved all the way into the eastbound lanes, and then it slammed into oncoming traffic.

The crash happened right around 11:15 in the morning on Sunday, Jan. 14. Police have not yet revealed who was driving her car or why that person crossed the center line and entered the oncoming lane.

Falling merchandise can kill

The warehouse store format has been a great invention for retail business. It allows stores to stack many tons of merchandise on skids above the aisles.

You see this format in Walmarts, Home Depots, grocery stores, even liquor stores and clothing outlets. Many big box stores use this format.

Repetitive motion in the workplace can lead to injuries

People often think of a workplace injury as a big, serious event that happens all at once. You fall off of a ladder. You're injured by a machine. You're struck by a vehicle on the job site.

Yes, these risks do exist, but it's also important to remember that many injuries simply happen over time. They're caused by the constant repetition of doing the same task over and over.

4 most common & completely avoidable causes of ladder accidents

Ladders are one of the most commonly used tools in homes and workplaces, allowing users to safety reach heights. Their simple design makes them easy to use, but their misuse has led the U.S. to be the world leader in ladder injuries. When ladders are not used correctly, the user can be seriously injured.

Most ladder accidents are avoidable and happen when users ignored the safety warnings or used the ladder improperly. The most common causes of ladder accidents are as follows:

Negligence and lack of action in a car accident

A person can be found at fault in a car accident for simply failing to do anything, if that failure represents negligence. They don't have to take a specific action to cause a crash; failing to avoid that wreck is just as bad.

First, take a look at the four elements typically used in a negligence case:

  1. There was a legal duty owed from one party to the other. In car accidents, this means one person has a legal duty to drive in a manner that keeps the other from being injured.
  2. This duty was breached.
  3. That breach caused the other person to get hurt.
  4. The harm suffered and the related costs were connected to that injury.

Why would you use a third-party claim after a workplace injury?

You get hurt on the job, and you know you can seek out workers' compensation to cover your costs. This may include lost wages, for example, and your medical bills.

However, you may consider a third-party claim, which is when you start a lawsuit to seek compensation from someone who is not your employer. Why would you want to do this?

3 Ways To Increase Your Safety On Ladders

Ladder falls are one of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) top causes for fatal construction accidents. Even though the chance of a fall goes up when you are on a ladder, there are things you can do to keep yourself safe. Here’s some ways you can facilitate your safety when you’re on a ladder.

Plan Ahead

Young workers face serious risks in the workplace

Younger workers may be enthusiastic and eager to learn, but they also represent a serious risk in the workplace. They're more likely to suffer nonfatal injuries than older workers.

That information comes from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They carried out a decade-long study, and they found that around 7.9 million workers who were injured qualified as "younger" employees.

Contracting companies have not yet started to use safety tech

The dangers of being a construction worker are infinite, but every year new safety technologies are emerging to help contractors keep their employees safe at job sites. Some contractors have even started to use drones to improve worker safety. However, most of the latest safety tech like drones have yet to be adopted by construction firms.

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training and Dodge Data & Analytics, only 62 percent of contractors have begun to adopt the latest in safety technology at their construction sites. According to the research of these two organizations, 21 percent of contractors use drones, and large companies are the most likely to use drones to take footage of possible safety issues on a large-scale construction project. Smart helmets and other wearable devices and badges are being used by 13 percent of contractors. And laser scanners are being used by 14 percent of contractors.

'Beware of dog' signs have a complicated role in court

You were bitten by a dog. You were out for a run and you had to duck through someone's yard to avoid a car parked on the sidewalk. The dog darted out and bit you as you went through.

You want to recover damages for your injury, but there was a 'Beware of Dog' sign on the property. Can you still sue?

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