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Examples of a premises liability lawsuit

When most New York residents hear the words "premises liability lawsuit," they imagine slip-and-fall injuries. However, this category of personal injury law is vast and includes a wide variety of incidents from dog bites and swimming pool injuries to slips, trips and falls caused by broken sidewalks.

Here are some of the many types of lawsuits classified under premises liability law:

Unique considerations for different types of car accidents

Every motor vehicle accident has unique facts and circumstances that apply to it. Police will analyze these details to determine fault in the crash and whether any parties committed crimes. Meanwhile, personal injury lawyers will analyze the details to determine which party may be financially liable and for how much. Here are a few unique considerations that police and attorneys must consider for different types of motor vehicle collisions:

Rear-end crashes: In rear-end collisions, the rearward driver is often the one who was at fault. Police need to analyze a rear-end collision to determine if the rearward-striking motorist was distracted by a smartphone, speeding, drunk or engaged in some kind of unlawful behavior leading up to the crash. Often it's a good idea to subpoena smartphone logs in these kinds of cases, as they may reveal that the driver was using his or her social media accounts or texting while driving in the moments before the incident.

How dangerous is driving while drowsy?

Everyone knows that driving while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and can get you into trouble. But what about driving when you are tired?

Studies show that driving while tired could be as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drowsy driving killed close to 850 individuals in 2014. If you are nodding off in traffic and someone slams on the brakes in front of you, the likelihood of you hitting them increases exponentially.

Should auto-stop table saw safety technology be mandatory?

Over ten Americans each day suffer from finger or hand amputations because of table saw-related accidents. Congress could enact a law that would require table saws to be equipped with auto-stop safety technology. This near-flawless safety technology would prevent almost all table saw injuries from happening, but Congress has been dragging its feet.

Auto-stop table saw technology is nothing short of a miracle in terms of its capacity to improve the safety of woodworkers and carpenters throughout the country. It is not anything particularly new. Auto-stop features have been available for well over a decade and numerous studies have proved that the safety feature works.

Commercial truck accidents can be deadly for the other vehicle

A New Jersey resident was recently killed when their car collided with a dump truck on I-78 in Berkeley Heights. According to ABC7, the truck lost control, broke through a barrier and hit the other vehicle when it was driving in the opposite direction.

For New York drivers involved in accidents with commercial vehicles, these accidents often prove deadly. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHSHLDI) states that when passenger vehicles are involved in accidents with large trucks, it is usually those in the non-commercial vehicles that suffer fatalities. Of the nearly 4,000 truck crashes that resulted in a fatality in 2016, 66 percent of deaths were people in passenger vehicles, and 16 percent were people on bikes, walking or on motorcycles.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: How do doctors diagnose it?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is something you definitely know you have if you're experiencing its painful symptoms. Tingling, numbness and extreme, radiating pain throughout the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms is common with this condition. Often, sufferers have to stop using their computers at work because the repetitive use of their mouses and keyboards caused the condition and the pain is now so extreme that they can't perform computer tasks anymore.

Sometimes, the only remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome is to stop using a keyboard and take some much-needed rest from work. However, in order to qualify for workers' compensation benefits to pay for this time away from work and any associated medical care, those with carpal tunnel will need to obtain a positive diagnosis from their physicians. Here is how doctors diagnose carpal tunnel:

Be on the lookout for negligent security. Criminals are too.

Criminals are always looking for easy victims. They avoid injury, and capture, at all costs. For these reasons, a dark and unsecured property is their perfect scene.

That is why property owners are obligated to properly light and secure their premises for your protection. It is their legal responsibility to take reasonable measures to protect their tenants or visitors from criminal or violent acts that are made more likely in unsecured locations.

Employer requirements for scaffolding safety

Approximately 65% of all construction workers do their job on scaffolding. Scaffolding is defined as any temporary elevated platform. Working on these platforms can create the potential for workers to be injured from a fall, bad planking, electrocution, a dropped object and more.

What are the most common construction site dangers?

If you are regularly employed at New York construction sites and you've never been injured, consider yourself extremely lucky. Construction workers have some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. These professions have a very high injury and death rate compared to other jobs.

Compare the many potential hazards you navigate daily with those of the average person working in an office. Your daily situation has far more potential dangers than the average office worker's.

Property owners must keep passageways free of tripping dangers

A negligent property owner who fails to correct potential slip-and-fall hazards will be financially liable to visitors who get hurt because of these hazards. This liability could extend to the costs associated with the victim's medical care, lost wages due to time spent unable to work, compensation for pain and suffering, court costs, attorneys' fees and more.

A property owner's liability in a catastrophic slip-and-fall accident could force him or her to pay out millions of dollars in damages to the injured victim. As such, it's vital for property owners to diligently maintain safe premises for their visitors. Considering the pain and suffering that could befall on a slip-and-fall victim, it's also the owner's moral obligation to protect his or her visitors in this regard.

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