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2 supervisors indicted after injuries to New York workers

Two men have been indicted on criminal charges in connection with a construction accident that left two workers with life-changing injuries.

The two men who were indicted were crew bosses who instructed employees to use a rented crane at a New York City job site without properly training them, authorities said.

Malnutrition and dehydration are serious issues in nursing homes

Senior citizens in nursing homes should be able to count on the staff members to help keep them safe. Many people who work in these facilities do their best to make sure the residents are taken care of and they enjoy working with them.

Unfortunately, there are some who don't do this. They are only in the business for a paycheck. This makes them very dangerous because they can put the residents at risk.

FDA moves to prohibit lead in hair dyes

Dangers can lurk in many different products. This includes cosmetic products. For one, there can be the potential for such goods to contain harmful chemicals. This is one of the reasons why individuals may want to take a careful look at the ingredients list of the cosmetic products they are considering buying.

Dangerous chemicals in consumer goods can create risks for a range of different health problems. It is important to note that individuals harmed by chemicals in cosmetic products here in New York may have routes for pursuing compensation through the civil legal system.

You may not always feel dangerous car accident injuries

Car accidents are very disorienting experiences, and it often takes some time before our minds can make sense of what just happened. A victim's initial stage of shock can last much longer than they realize, and their body does not always register injuries with a pain response.

Many injuries that may occur in car accidents do not cause pain for hours or even days. In some cases, these injuries are painful, but not permanently harmful. In other cases, they may be deadly. If you recently experienced a car accident, you should get a full medical examination from your doctor. You may have serious injuries that you don't even feel.

4 common types of premises liability accidents

Premises liability law covers a wide array of injuries. These include slip-and-fall accidents, physical attacks on another party's property, dog bites, swimming pool accidents and more. In order to give you a better sense of this legal topic, here are two examples of premises liability accidents that New York personal injury lawyers commonly encounter:

Elevator and escalator accidents

People think distracted driving is bad unless they do it

In recent years, there has been a surge of public awareness campaigns helping to warn people about the risks of distracted driving. Distracted driving often involves people engaging with a smartphone or mobile device instead of focusing on the road in front of them. This takes their eyes off of the road, as well as their hands off the wheel. More importantly, their brain is distracted from the task at hand.

Anyone can fall prey to the temptation posed by the ping of an incoming email or text message. In a culture that demands people be constantly available, waiting to read and respond to a message can feel stressful. That stress is minor compared to the weight of knowing you caused a crash. Unfortunately, while people do understand that there are risks involved with looking at a screen instead of through the windshield, far too many still decide to do that exact thing.

MTA bus crashes into building causing 6 injuries

At approximately 10:15 a.m. on a recent Friday morning, an MTA bus crashed into a building in Brooklyn. The incident happened at Ralph Avenue and St. Mark's Avenue and resulted in six injuries.

Bus B45 was traveling through Brooklyn without any customers inside when the driver lost control of the bus while attempting to make a right turn. Police say that the driver was trying to navigate around some ongoing construction in the area when he lost control and drove the bus directly into a building.

6 scaffold safety tips for construction workers

Scaffolds are integral parts of most construction sites, but just because workers use them day in and day out does not mean that they're using them safely. In fact, even workers who have been thoroughly trained on scaffold safety may become complacent over time and forget to pay attention to the most important details that will keep them safe and prevent them from getting hurt.

For this reason, it's always a good time for construction supervisors and construction workers to review their scaffold safety plans. When doing so, you should also remind yourself and any workers who are using a scaffold of the following six safety tips:

What is a jackknifing crash and how do drivers avoid it?

It's common to hear the term "jackknifing" in reference to automobile accidents in the news. For example, perhaps you've heard this before: "A semitruck jackknifed along the interstate." But do you really know what it means to "jackknife" a car, and how do we avoid getting hurt in an accident like this?

Jackknifing crashes happen more frequently to larger vehicles, like 18-wheelers and big rigs, but they can happen to smaller trucks and cars too. These incidents happen in slippery road conditions, or when a vehicle has to stop or turn more quickly than the car and the road conditions can handle.

Nursing home neglect and abuse come in many forms

Nursing home abuse is a huge problem that no senior citizen should have to worry about, but it is a daily occurrence in this country. It is imperative that anyone who is in a nursing home, and those who have a loved one in such a setting, take steps to ensure they are safe.

Not all nursing home abuse and neglect are blatantly obvious. Many of the issues that occur are subtle and difficult to spot. You should familiarize yourself with the signs of different types of abuse.

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