If you or someone you care about has been injured in a fall, your first objective is to tend to medical needs. See a physician as soon as possible or go to an emergency room.

Gather as much information about the accident’s exact location and cause as you can. Information such as:

  • The exact address and location of the accident.

• Pictures of the accident scene. 

  • Names and contact information of any witnesses.

• Documentation of all pertinent events that happened before, during and after the accident.

You must notify the property owner of the incident as soon as possible. In a commercial building, that could mean you need to speak with the building agent or the super. In a restaurant, ask for the manager. When in doubt, you can seek legal advice from a Long Island New York slip and fall injury lawyer.

What a Long Island New York Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Can Do for You

If you think that your injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, you must consult a Long Island New York slip and fall injury lawyer. He or she will interview you and conduct an investigation of the incident. The investigation will include a review of medical records, evidence, the property owner’s past record including previous violations and lawsuits.

Your Long Island New York slip and fall injury lawyer will also interview witnesses. As he or she investigates your case, your lawyer must prepare a detailed assessment that reviews issues of liability, damages and the value of your case once it goes to trial or settlement. Once you are informed, you can decide how best to proceed.